An Excellent Guide On Foods To Consume For A Healthy Life

A balanced and good diet can assist you in getting the best sports results and fitness. Whatever be the activity level of a person, a healthy diet provides the person with required needs.

If you are exercising on daily basis, you will end up using more energy than what you use if did little or none work. If  you are not planning to lose body weight and have a healthy belly, you will be required to eat more food everyday for maintain your weight.

Foods to Have For Fit Body

  • Milk

With muscle-healing protein, hydrating water, refilling bone and sugar-calcium in each glass, milk is good those increasing their activity levels.

A hot glass at bedtime can also help you in drifting off and getting the required rest, due to its ability of boosting sleep –inducing melatonin and serotonin.

Chocolate milk is one of the favourite endurance drinks of athletes. It may sound unhealthy but it works due to presence of two vital ingredients which you require after workout: carbohydrates for energy and protein for muscle repair. A homemade milkshake can also do the required job.

  • Dry Fruits

Dried fruits like raisins, mango and apricots are high in sugar and are known to be a good source of carbohydrates, which makes them a good energy booster.

Moreover, it also provides a dose of potassium, phytonutirents, minerals, vitamins and fibre with every handful.

If you can’t take energy gels during long physical activity, dried fruit is a great natural alternative as it contains high carbohydrates.

  • Broccoli

With digestion promoting fibre, lots of minerals and vitamins, and radical busting antioxidants, broccoli with spinach, green cabbage and kale are the most nutrient- dense food you can find in the supermarket.

These foods are a good source of folate i.e. a natural folic acid, which is considered to be good for hearth and for women planning to conceive.

Broccoli and kale can be a good substitute to other dairy products. Low body calcium can make you prone to stress, especially of you are into endurance sports, therefore ensure that you take adequate amount of calcium in your diet.

  • Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a healthier and ultra versatile choice as compared to regular potatoes. These potatoes have iron, vitamin C, fibre and diseases fighting beta carotene which can protect you from diseases and illness.

Moreover, these are a great addition that you can make to your diet for an additional dosage of carbohydrates before running a long race, like half marathon.

These potatoes have a good amount of electrolyte potassium that can help you in warding off muscle cramping during physical activity such as exercise.

  • Tomatoes

Containing vitamin C, tomatoes are loaded with powerful antioxidants known as lypcopene , which provides the fruit its red colour. The mentioned antioxidant is a powerful nutrient to assist preventing prostate cancer in men.


If you find yourself physically unfit, you can consult your health practitioner for tablets that provide proteins and steroids, which can help you in leading a better life.