What to Expect as a CNA

You’ve chosen your career path to be a certified nurse assistant, because you want to care for people and you like the idea of working in the medical field, but to help you prepare for what is guaranteed to be a satisfying journey, we have compiled some things to expect from being a CAN.

Life as a CNA

Helping and caring for those in need is an admirable job choice. As a CAN caring for sick people, you will often be doing the following:

  • Provide the essential hygiene and cleanliness care. You may need to do many things that the patient cannot. This may include turning patients who are required to stay in bed, cleaning their injuries and wounds, feeding them, and even helping them with their bathroom habits.
  • Keep a record. As a certified nurse assistant, you will need to keep on top of recording everything that happens with their health. From measuring how much food and water they are taking to keeping a record of any issues they may have, you will need to report it to a nurse.
  • Regularly check their vitals. People with serious illnesses or injuries often need continuous vigilance throughout the day to ensure that they are not at risk. This is one of the reasons why you do what you do. You will be expected to take their temperature, check their oxygen when needed, keep on top of checking their blood pressure, and any other vital signs that can indicate trouble.
  • Help with procedures. While a nurse will be in control of the main medical attention, you will be expected to aid with medical procedures as needed.
  • Cleaning. It isn’t glamorous, but it is part of providing top care. Cleaning bed sheets, rooms, and the patient’s area is part of the job of a CNA. A patient with a clean atmosphere is a healthier patient, so it is just part of ensuring they get better.

Whether you work in a hospital or you work in a patient’s home or care facility, you will find that it is a job that will require you to be compassionate, patient, and dependable. Don’t forget to be attentive and supportive and be open to being personable. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but if it is what you know you want to do, it will be a rewarding career that will provide you with a feeling of satisfaction in what you do.